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Premises Details
Premises Name Erris Veterinary Clinic
COS D5959
COS Issue Date 13/09/2018
COS Expiry Date 13/03/2019
COS holder registration number 41/14
COS holder name Hanneke Mooij
Classification RVC - Registered Veterinary Clinic
Practice Profile

Companion Animal: 35%

Equine: 5%

Large Animal: 60%

(attached per Section 113 (1) (a) and published in accordance with Section 120 of the Veterinary Practice Act 2005, as amended.)
1) The COS is granted for a period of 6 months 2) You will provide the Council with documentary evidence from your local authority that you have the relevant planing permission to operate a veterinary practice from your premises. This documentary evidence must be provided to the Council within 6 months from the date of granting the COS.
Premises Address
Address Line 1Unit 3
TownlandThe Docks
E-mail[email protected]

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