Use of the Title 'Dr'

18 November 2015

The Veterinary Council has considered permitting veterinary practitioners to use the courtesy title ‘Doctor’ or ‘Dr’ in Ireland.  It has been confirmed that there is no legal impediment to the use of this courtesy title by veterinary practitioners registered in the State.  The Council, at its meeting on 6 November 2015, agreed to permit veterinary practitioners to use this courtesy title.


The following guidance is provided in respect of this decision:


  1. The use of the courtesy title is voluntary;


  1. Any such courtesy title does not reflect academic attainment therefore, veterinary practitioners using the title must not mislead the public that they are medical doctors or dentists or that they hold a PhD or Doctoral qualification;


  1. When using the title it must be used in conjunction with your name and your veterinary medicine qualification e.g. Dr John Kelly MVB.


An entry on the Register of Veterinary Practitioners can be updated by amending the 'Title' on the Annual Registration Form No.9.1.3 or by emailing [email protected].

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