Summary of Council Meetings

Summaries of the proceedings of all Council meeting held from 2013 onwards are available on the Council's website.  The date of each Council meeting is listed below and a summary is available by choosing a highlighted date:-


Annual Reports

The Veterinary Council of Ireland's Annual Reports are listed below. Each Annual Report can be viewed by choosing a highlighted year:-


Prompt Payment Reports

The Council is obliged to prepare a Prompt Payment Report each quarter and to submit this report to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Each Prompt Payment Report listed below can be viewed by choosing the highlighted text for a particular quarter :-


Code of Conduct


Strategic Plan

The Council has developed its strategic plan for the 3 year period from 2016 to 2018.  This plan has been approved by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. The function of the Strategic Plan is to provide a focus for the work of the Council lover this period to ensure it fulfills its statutory role in the public interest.

2016-2018 Strategic Plan