Provision of Services

 Provision of Services for short professional visits between one country and another and involve Veterinary Practitioners in certain formalities.  These formalities are particularly relevant to veterinary practitioners who reside near the border between two Member States such as between Ireland and Northern Ireland and have clients on the other side of the border.

Applying to Provide Services in another jurisdiction

If a registrant is intending to apply to provide services in another jurisdiction the registrant will need to apply in writing to the Registrar advising of his/her intention to provide services abroad and requesting that a Provision of Services Certificate issues to the relevant Competent/Regulatory Authority in that jurisdiction.The Fee for the issue of a Provision of Services Certificates is €28.00.

Applying to Provide Services in the Republic of Ireland

In order to apply to the Veterinary Council of Ireland to seek permission to provide occasional veterinary services in the Republic of Ireland, under Section 43(9) of the Veterinary Practice Act 2005 and the Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Act 2012, you will need to:-

1. Write to the Registrar, advising her of your intention to provide occasional veterinary services in the Republic of Ireland outlining the specific dates and locations at which you intend to provide those services.

2. Complete the provision of services declaration form available on the following link.

    Download the Provision of Services Application Form

3. Arrange that a Provision of Services Certificate (under the provision of the EEC Directive 2005/36/EU Title II Articles 5 to 9) issues to the Veterinary Council from the Registrar of the Competent and Regulatory Authority you are currently registered with (usually the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS)).
When the above documentation has been received your application will be reviewed by the Registrar and if everything is in order a letter confirming that you are authorised to provide services in this jurisdiction will issue.

Your name will be entered onto the Register of Veterinary Practitioners under section 34 (4) (b) and the entry will only be active to the end of the period of time that permission is granted to provide services and ultimately by the end of the Calendar year.

You will need to follow the steps outlined above should you wish to apply for permission to provide services for a subsequent period.