Regulating the Veterinary Profession in Ireland

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The Veterinary Council of Ireland is the Statutory Body established under the Veterinary Practice Act 2005.

The Veterinary Practice Act 2005 was passed in July 2005. The 1st January 2006 was designated as the date for the establishment of the Veterinary Council of Ireland. The Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Act 2012 effective from 18 July 2012 amends sections of the Veterinary Practice Act 2005 and provides for related matters.

The principal function of the Council is to regulate and manage the practice of veterinary medicine and veterinary nursing in the State in the public interest.

The Council is made up of 19 members, 9 elected Veterinary Practitioners, 1 elected Veterinary Nurse and 9 appointed members. The appointed members are nominees of the Minister of Agriculture & Food (4), the Minister for Education and Science (1), the National University of Ireland (2), the Director of Consumer Affairs (1) and the Food Safety Authority (1).

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The inaugural meeting of the Council was held on the 12 January 2006. Following the meeting the Council issued a Press Release in which the interim President, Tom Hanley, stated that:-

'The passing of the Veterinary Practice Act opens a new and exciting era for veterinary practice in the State with expanded functions and responsibilities for the Council which will enable it to fulfil its role in the public interest'