Committees of the Council

The day to day work of the Council is carried out under the supervision of the Registrar. Major decisions and the exercise of statutory powers are undertaken by full sessions of the Council, but much of the preparatory work is entrusted to committees of the Council.

The Council may establish Committees, other than the Preliminary Investigations Committee, the Fitness to Practice Committee and the Education Committee, to perform specified functions of the Council if it is of the opinion that the functions may be performed more efficiently or conveniently by Committees.

Veterinary Education & Training Committee

  •  Vivienne Duggan (Chairperson) 

Veterinary Nursing Committee

  •  Joanne Gallagher (Chairperson) 

Practice Premises Committee

  •  Seamus McManus (Chairperon) 

Legislation & Ethics Committee

  •  Kevin McConnell (Chairperson)   

Audit & Finance Committee

  •  Edward Joseph Moffitt (Chairperson) 


Conjoint Committee

The Council maintains a permanent sub-committee jointly with Veterinary Ireland and the Veterinary Officers Association. This sub-committee reports to the Council within the remit to promote the practice of veterinary medicine and, in particular, to deal with National and European veterinary matters.The members from each organisation are listed below:   


Veterinary Council
  •  Seamus McManus (Chairperson) 
 Veterinary Ireland
  • Peter Bishton
  • Finbarr Murphy
  • Gerard Neary

Veterinary Officers Association

  • Mark McCarthy